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Laundromat Services in Santa Clara, CA

Wash your laundry at Daisy’s Launderland and you’ll enjoy the time-saving efficiency of using multiple machines and our friendly and personable customer service. We have everything you need to make laundry fast and comfortable from easy-to-use card-operated machines to plenty of seating and folding tables and TV to keep you entertained and informed between loads.

To top it off, in our quest to always make laundry easy and efficient for our customers, our washers and supplied with Ozone-treated soft water—commonly used in hospitals to sanitize water—so that you can take confidence knowing there will be no lingering mildew, mold, or microbes permeating the air, the water, and your laundry—the ultimate clean experience.

Bring your laundry to our card-operated washeteria and get more done in less time.


Washers at Daisy's Launderland.


Dryers at Daisy's Launderland



Dexter & Speed Queen
  • 20 Lbs. (6 washers total) $4.50
  • 30 Lbs. (9 washers total) $6.00
  • 40 Lbs. (6 washers total) $7.00
  • 60 Lbs. (7 washers total) $9.00
  • 80 Lbs. (4 washers total) $12.00


Dexter & Speed Queen
  • 30 Lbs. (24 dryers total) $0.25 / 6 Min.
  • 50 Lbs. Reversing (10 dryers total) $0.25 / 5 Min.
  • 80 Lbs. (2 dryers total) $0.25 / 4 Min.


Hours of Operation

  • 7AM to 10PM
  • Last wash at 8:30PM
  • Fully attended hours


  • TV
  • Folding tables and seating
  • Vending machines for snacks and drinks
  • Laundry product sold over the counter


  • Street parking out front
  • Parking lot behind building with over 20 spots


Cr=W 600,H 300

No coins, no problem.

As a fully card-operated laundromat, you won't have to dig for change or get rolls at the bank. Our laundry card system powered by Card Concepts Laundry Card System is easy to use. Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase a card for a one-time fee of $2.00.
  2. Load money onto your card using cash, credit, or debit.
    Please note there is a 3% charge on credit/debit use.
  3. Use your card at any of our machines or to purchase laundry products over the counter.
  4. Add more credits to your card as needed.
  5. Save the remaining balance for your next visit.


Happy Birthday to You!

Doing laundry on your birthday? Bring your basket and do your laundry with us. Get a $5.00 credit on your laundry card when you visit us on your birthday. See attendant in store for details.