Commercial Laundry Facility

Commercial Laundry Services in and near Santa Clara, CA

Overwhelmed with laundry? Unload your laundry onto us!

Daisy’s Launderland is an advanced commercial laundry services provider serving Santa Clara, CA and the surrounding areas. We operate an advanced laundromat with industrial machines that can handle any volume of laundry and almost any kind. If it can be washed and tumble-dried, we can do it. Plus, our washers are supplied with Ozone technology, which kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria—a technology hospitals use that we use in all our orders. You can’t get a cleaner wash anywhere else.

We can wash commercial laundry for businesses in:

  • Lodging: Hotels, Motels, Inns, Airbnb, VRBO, and Resorts
  • Industrial: Manufacturers, Machinists, Mechanics, and Processing Plants
  • Construction: Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, Carpenters, and Painters
  • Medical: Hospitals, Clinics, Hospice, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, and Labs
  • Animal Care: Pet Grooming, Veterinarian Offices, Animal Rescues
  • Health & Wellness: Spas, Salons, Barbers, Massage Therapists, and Aestheticians
  • Education: Colleges, Schools, Campus Janitorial & Groundskeeping, and Campus Cafeterias
  • Fitness: Sports Teams, Little Leagues, Gyms, and Fitness Centers
  • Food Service: Restaurants, Bars, Catering Services, Cafeterias, Party Rental Services

If your industry is not reflected above, don’t worry. If it can be washed and tumble-dried, Daisy’s Launderland can do it. We are equipped to wash a variety of items for many, many industries.

Towels are perhaps the most ubiquitous laundry. They are present in homes, hotels, hospitals, and more; and they're used for cleaning and drying everything from hands to various surfaces. We have the capacity and the equipment to get towels clean.

The presence of linens perhaps rivals that of towels. Everything from bedding to table covers to curtains are considered linens and many homes and businesses use linens to soften the environment and make things feel a little more comfortable, formal, or like home. We have innovative techniques in getting linens looking pristine.

Whether your rental is constantly booked or very sporadically booked by parties small and large, you can count on us to keep up with your pace no matter how it fluctuates in frequency and volume. We wash bedding, linens, towels, and more.

We can wash bedding, sheets, comforters, towels, and more, multiple rooms at a time. We have the equipment to manage your volume and Ozone technology to ensure your guests get the cleanest linens, bedding, and towels.

Whether you operate or manage a clinic, hospital, medical, dental, or chiropractic office, our experts and industrial machines not only deliver visibly clean bedding, sheets, towels, lab coats, staff uniforms, and patient robes, but also sanitizes everything using Ozone-treated water.

Whether you run a restaurant, bar, café, or a catering service, we handle everything from table linens, aprons, chef’s jackets, staff uniforms, and janitorial towels so you can keep the kitchen cooking and the diners dining.

Working with industrial materials, heavy machinery, and power tools can get messy. In many settings dirt, dust, and residue permeates the air and gets on workers’ clothes. We can treat those tough stains and wash uniforms, work rags, custodial towels, and more. Our Ozone technology allows us to remove more grime than the average laundry.

Running a business can be challenging but the laundry doesn’t have to be. Daisy’s Launderland will take some or all your laundry off your hands and those of your staff so that you can reallocate time and energy to other more important aspects of your enterprise.

Contact us at (408) 384-1788 or to get a custom quote on commercial laundry services. Estimates are based on the kind of laundry you have, how much, and how often you’ll need services. Alleviate yourself and your staff and get commercial services as fresh as a daisy.