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What Our Customers Are Saying

LOVE this laundromat. Been going here for about a year. Staff is friendly, place is kept very clean, and hours are great. I use it mostly for wash and fold drop off for my linens and towels. Pricing is fair and my items are always well cleaned and folded. Highly recommend this business!!

I usually go to a different laundromat close by but... I went to Daisy’s Launderland; this place is nice and clean. I had a bunch of quarters ready to use but this place only uses card to activate the machines which I like just because I don’t have to carry quarters. This place is good.

This is the best wash and fold laundry service I have ever tried. Fresh laundry perfectly folded exceeded my expectations on the time it took and the cost. Thank you so much; it really helped me as a senior citizen. Doing laundry can sometimes be so hard, time-consuming, and overwhelming.

Very nice clean laundromat in a decent area. The prices are cheaper than the normal laundromat I go too. You get more for your money here and they have 8 large capacity 6 load washers here that's more than most places. Tons of dryers. They have tons of 3 load large capacity washers its spacious. I like the layout. And there's a Starbucks right next door! I will be back.

Very clean and taken care of since the new owners have taken over. Someone is always here in case you have a question like which slot do I put my liquid detergent in, which the answer would be the first slot : ) I asked! Quick 16 minute cycle then to the commercial dryer which dries in about 40 mins. Definitely will be back to do this more often!

We chatted with one of the staff and they were telling us all about how their machines have OZONE. I had no idea what it was, but apparently it sanitizes and gets rid of mold! And since they use soft water, they recommend using 50% less soap than a typical load. It's also really considerate of them to have a sink to wash our hands before we do laundry! I'll definitely be coming back to this laundromat.