Colorful Towels After Laundry

Ozone-Powered Towel Cleaning Service in Santa Clara, CA

Towels are perhaps the most ubiquitous laundry. Everyone from households to hotels to hospitals uses towels. Everyone uses them to clean and dry themselves, to wipe their hands as they work or cook, or to clean their homes and offices. Towels can be for personal usage or janitorial purposes; and they tend to pile up regardless of the use.

Are towels terrorizing your task list? Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Call on Daisy’s Launderland!

At Daisy’s Launderland, we have the capacity and the right equipment to get towels clean. We have soft water and Ozone technology (used in hospitals) which sanitizes water with oxygen and electricity so that 99.99% of germs and microbes are effectively killed. Plus we use soft water so that each wash develops more suds and cleansing power with less detergent. The logic is simple: use sanitized, soft water; get sanitized, soft towels.

Not only does our towel cleaning service get your towels clean, but also fresh and fluffy for your customers, so they won’t shudder at odd odors or be dismayed by scratchy threads. As for your staff, they can take confidence knowing towels cleaned by Daisy’s Launderland will be free of debris that might stick to or scratch surfaces.